From 30/8/2022 to 29/8/2023

LOWEST RATE: 25%Off - Free Cancellation - Pay Later - Breakfast Optional - Max Flessibility

book directly through our website www.hotelgoldenrome.com and enjoy our lowest rate (a real 25% discount) and still keeping possibility of a FREE CANCELLATION (within 24 hours of the arrival date) and not having to anticipate any deposit (PAY LATER)

we are now offering the opportunity to book accordingly to your needs:

either the 25% discounted full rate plan, if you add to your reservation the optional "homemade breakfast + local orientation" package.

or if you just want to have the room with all its amenities and do not want to add the "homemade breakfast + local orientation package", then you will book our new and very convenient roomonly rate plan (discounted well beyond the value of breakfast) so this is a new opportunity that before was not allowed.

and we are even giving the possibility, for those that book the roomonly rate plan (with no breakfast) if while here in Rome with us, any of the days of the stay you decide to have breakfast, you can book at the reception the breakfast for the single day or even more days of the stay (so MAX Flessibility)

- this opportunity (both rate plans) are available only through Hotel Golden website.

- FREE CANCELLATIONS with both rate plans: Reservations can be cancelled even 24 hours before the arrival date without any fee or penalty.

- No cash payment requested to enjoy our discounts (so even credit card payments will enjoy the discounts offered with both rate plans)

- No advance payment requested neither.. we are here to help the best we can all our guests! so even if we offer a 25% discount we do not request any advance deposit or prepayments.