Special Offers

From 14/3/2024 to 13/3/2025

LOWEST RATE: 25%Off - FreeCancellation - PayLater - RoomOnly

book directly through our website www.hotelgoldenrome.com and enjoy our lowest rate (a real 25% discount) and still keeping possibility of a FREE CANCELLATION (within 24 hours of the arrival date) and not having to anticipate any deposit (PAY LATER)

book such a premium, quiet and safe location as the Hotel Golden has, with a local family that will support you day and night, offering you a total homey ambience, at such convenient rate that none of our competitors in the neighborhood can even get close to.

we have a customer base of more than 30 years and after covid (with all the finalcial distress and inflationary pressures that arosed) we noticed that rates had to at least double to keep pace of the inflation (we as a family refused to do so) and that is the reason of this new rate plan.

ROOMONLY (25% discounted) it includes our family experience, a great wifi and air conditioning, investing most of our resources in cleaning, well sanitized accommodations, great hot water pressure, air conditioning that when you get into the rooms you feel it (just be local and efficient in the most important services that our guests need) and then the super extra value of a local family that is always available and that guarantees safety and quietness.

take advantage of this offer!